Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced Treasures from Near and Far

It began with a love for all things Mexican:  the people, culture, music, food, language, landscape and especially the folk art and craft, and so Zumbido was born!  We opened as a brick and mortar store in Portland Oregon in 2012, and branched out to e-commerce in 2016.  Alas, Zumbido de Portland closed its doors just as the pandemic hit in 2019.  Our family moved to Northern California to begin a new chapter in our lives and somehow, at the tail end (we hope!) of the pandemic weve decided to double down on fair trade and ethically sourced gifts and open a new brick and mortar Zumbido in Eureka CA!  Weve been open since April 2021 and its been going really well!  Please come visit us in this beautiful town if you can!