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  • Mexican Masks Coloring Postcards Set

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     This set of 10 remarkable postcards from the artist Alejandra Aceves arrives in a hard acrylic box.  "Proud of my Mexican roots, I designed this series of 10 coloring postcards featuring the masks of fantastical animals and other creatures. They are inspired by the many clay, paper and wood masks found throughout Mexican artistry.”  Included are 10 original line drawings of masks inspired by Mexico's millenary cultures including those of Olmec, Maya, Zapotec, and Huichol origin, as well as others from traditional feasts, such as Day of the Dead skulls, as well as information about Aceves' project.  Inspired by the illness she lives with, she realized that the symptoms diminished when she concentrated on drawing.  Her wish is for others to enjoy being able to relax while coloring her postcards. 
    •  Made in Mexico
    •  Dimensions: 0.4" l x 5.5" w x 4.9" h
    •  Weight: 0.26 lb